Mac Attack

The technology woes continue to mount. The central vacuum system died. One of the satellite receivers went down. And my golf clubs needed regripping.

Unexpected tasks to add to the job jar. I did make some progress over the week-end.

I successfully installed the G class wireless LAN router. No troubles. I also picked up an iMac for my wife. That is now three Macs in the house. My daughter has an iBook. My studio runs on a dual processor 2GHz Power Mac. My wife has a 17″ 1.8Ghz iMac G5.

The iMac is a nice machine.

Exceptionally easy to set up and get running. The Wintel boxes generally take several hours to configure; operating system, network drivers, printer drivers, video drivers, etc. The Macs just seem to get it. The iMac has built in wireless networking. It found my network, and after accepting my security password for the Wi-Fi, connected. It discovered and configured the network printer. It found the network media server and backup server. All without loading a single driver.

The hardware and software is just cool.

So, the house now stands at 5 Wintel PCs and 3 Macs.


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