Technology Woes

Technology woes abound in the Cleaver household. My son’s computer has gone thermal with frequent and random shutdowns. My wife’s computer has completely died. I was able to ensure that all of her data was backed up but her email content is likely unrecoverable. My network router now has two dead ports. And my youngest son is complaining that his computer is all alone and needs someone to play with it.

A computer that is all alone is an eight-year old’s way of saying head-to-head computer game time.

I picked up a Linksys Wireless G broadband router with speedbooster technology. And a couple of Wireless G PCMCIA cards. That will get the network back up and improve the wireless LAN performance.

I have to get another machine for my wife, configure it for the network and then recover data and setup her core applications. I am seriously thinking about getting her a Mac. Maybe a nice portable or perhaps a Mac Mini. That will ease the marital issues around computer usage.

Not sure about the two boys yet.

This stuff is so time consuming. Building and rebuilding boxes, rebuilding networks, installing software. Tedious. Time consuming.

Maybe it is time to quit being a geek.

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    The great thing a Mac’s are that you don’t have to be a geek to use them, but it usually takes being a geek to realize that you should.

  2. Rod
    Rod says:

    We’re up to 3 macs… and I really want to get a mac mini and EyeTV200 to make a PVR out of… Teresa still has her pc.. only because it hasn’t died yet LOL…

    I’m extending the wireless out to the barn soon too 🙂



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