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Okay. Last post on Apple for a while. I promise.

I visited the Apple store in San Francisco a few times. And each time the store was jammed. I could not believe how busy it was in that store. Steve Jobs made a couple of interesting points at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 6th about the Apple stores. Apple”™s retail stores are pulling in impressive numbers. There are 109 stores open around the world. Apple is seeing more than 1 million visitors per week in those stores. Apple stores have sold more than half a billion dollars in third-party products this past year.

By the end of its last fiscal quarter, Apple had sold 16 million iPods. And iTunes has sold more than 430 million songs. Oddly enough, with increased competition, iTunes’ market share increased to 82 percent last month.

There is certainly a buzz to Apple these days.

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