Casavant Console, Opus 1221

I received an email from one reader of my blog asking me about the new console we had just received at our church:

I noticed with interest that your church recently acquired a new console. At our church, Central United in Wellington, Dodington & Dodington installed a used 3 manual 1927 Casavant console, Opus 1221 (originally installed in St. John’s Episcopal Church, Huntington, Long Island, New York) to the existing Eaton organ. The console was outfitted with a midi compatible Classic solid state integrated switching and 50 memory preset combination system. New up/down pistons were also installed for the transposer, memory levels, etc. All new drawstops and coupler solenoids were custom manufactured to match the new console to the existing Eaton organ. Finally, the console was outfitted with a new illuminating music rack shelf with glass back.

The reader also sent me a picture of their new console.

A pipe organ.

The horror! The horror!

Church Console

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