Sunday Morning

We spent about an hour online Sunday morning looking for a church in San Francisco. We decided to go and visit Bethel Christian Church. Bethel, it turns out, is very similar to our home church. Much more developed in terms of multimedia support. In fact, although the website was not the best in terms of design, the attention to detail on the teaching side convinced us to visit this church.

The praise band was very solid and the sound system performed admirably. The graphics work was amongst the best I have seen from a mid-sized church.

I am guessing that Bethel is about 1,500 people. They run three morning services. Two in english and one in spanish.

Quite impressed with the teaching. We left that church with the view that if we lived in San Francisco, this would be a good church to call home. Most of the churches we have visited in the United States have been very large and highly commercial in nature. This church was, for want of a better term, authentic and contemporary.

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