First Impressions

We arrived at San Francisco’s International Airport this morning. And, my first impressions were influenced by the seemingly relentless crush and congestion of people in this area.

Although we landed at 10:35am, we did not clear the airport for almost two hours. This was due, in part, to very slow baggage claims as well as remarkably inefficient airport car rental service.

Once we finally cleared the airport, we endured significant delays in traffic as we crawled our way along US101 North to our hotel. We got to our hotel at roughly 1:30pm which was almost three hours after landing at the airport. The airport was, at most, a 15-minute drive away.

We went down to Union Square to find some lunch. Another hour or so wait before we had a table. What a busy place.

Having said all that, San Francisco is a beautiful city. We spent quite a bit of time walking around the downtown area. We had a warm and sunny afternoon to enjoy the sights and sounds of this town.

My favourite stop was the Apple Store. What a cool place. I’ll post a couple of pictures tomorrow.

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