Church Expansion

Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington is actively involved with recording.

The church is part of a campus-type complex, which includes several buildings housing classrooms, a bible college, and worship spaces. The church embarked on a project to create a new sanctuary and decided to construct a recording studio at the same time. The studio is called Crossroads Productions.

The 2,730-square-foot facility includes a control room, a rehearsal and recording studio, an audio post-production room, two isolation booths, a voice booth, a central machine room, and associated support areas.

The newly designed sanctuary now seats nearly 2,500 and features a full touring-level FOH system, including custom Renkus-Heinz speakers; a Crest V-12, 96-input console; and all Crest amplification, as well as a fully automated lighting system.

The space looks great as you can see below. I’m not aware of any Canadian churches with an integrated recording studio complex.


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