Blogging Is Just A Fad

I came across this data point:

Microsoft poised to take blogosphere lead: 7 million blogs, 100,000 new blogs being created per day

Microsoft is poised to become the blogosphere’s leading provider of blogs according to figures reported today in the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft is quoted as saying there are now over 7 million blogs on MSN Spaces and that the service is currently growing at the extraordinary rate of 100,000 blogs per day, at which rate the service would pass Google”™s Blogger and SixApart LiveJournal to become the largest blogging service on the planet at some stage during the next fortnight.

The service was launched in beta form in December and claimed 1 million members at the beginning of January. The service came out of beta in early April, when the number of users was said to be 4.5 million. The full launch also included the ability of MSN Messenger users to post directly to the service, credited by many as the driving force behind the recent growth.

Microsoft will likely break the 10 million mark in May of 2005. That is a lot of blogs. Clearly, blogging is just a fad. 😉


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