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I am not particularly happy with the current political environment in Canada. I found this excerpt from Warren Kinsella to be right on the money. As it were.

The Right Honourable Jack Layton, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister Layton has been an impassioned social advocate for more than 30 years. As the national voice for municipalities as president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a city councilor or a student leader, Mr. Layton has brought energy and leadership to achieve change. He is also well-known to every Torontonian as a skilled, utterly-ruthless negotiator.

Mr. Layton is a long-time New Democrat who, less than two years after winning the NDP leadership, became Prime Minister of Canada in a bloodless coup on the evening of April 26, 2005. As his first act in office, Prime Minister Layton announced sweeping changes to a number of economic and social policies associated with his immediate predecessor, whose name we now forget. He also plans to abolish the military and the banks later today, then have lunch with a homeless person.

Born in Hudson, Quebec in 1950, Mr. Layton grew up in Montreal and attended both McGill and York Universities. He holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, and an MA and PhD from York University, his PhD thesis titled ‘How To Run Entire Countries With A Caucus Of Less Than 20 MPs.’ In 1974, Mr. Layton became a tenured professor at Ryerson Polytechnic University, and has taught at both York and the University of Toronto. Most recently, he has taught quite a few Liberals about how to seize and wield power.

Prime Minister Layton entered politics in 1982 when he was elected to Toronto City Council. During his career, he has served on the boards of electrical utilities, arts organizations and boards of health. He has never met a payroll, and is not about to start now, thank you very much.

Canada’s newest Prime Minister is married to Olivia Chow, a former Toronto city councilor. He has two children, Sarah, 26, and Mike, 23. The family will be moving into 24 Sussex as soon as the present occupants can be made to understand that they do not run the country any more- and, in fact, never did.


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  1. Rod
    Rod says:

    well… that pretty much sums it up!

    did you hear that former PM Jean Cretien and “former” PM Paul Martin were both summoned by the Pope before he died.

    As they entered the room, the Pope indicated that he wanted on one each side of him. They moved around to either side of the bed. As they stood there, the Pope didn’t say any more. Finally Mr. Cretien asked, “Sir, we are honored to be with at this moment! But why us?” To which the Pope replied… “Well, Jesus died between 2 thieves, I thought I should to…” 🙂

  2. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Hey Rod,

    Funny and sad. Unfortunate that integrity and politics seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.


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