Blogging Ethics

Looks like I will be starting another blog although for an internal corporate environment. I was given the following Blogger’s Code of Ethics:

  • I will tell the truth at all times
  • I will never plagiarize
  • I will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly
  • I will strive for high quality with every post – including basic spell-checking
  • I will stay on topic
  • I will disagree with other opinions respectfully
  • I will link to online references and original source materials directly
  • I will keep private issues and topics private because discussing them could jeopardize my personal and work relationships
  • I will disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations and any bias that I may have
  • I will express my opinion where appropriate and clearly identify it as opinion not fact
  • I will identify and link to sources whenever possible so that readers can understand my reference points
  • I will keep this blog up to date and not let it go stale and be outdated. I will update links on previous posts if necessary, but I will not otherwise edit or modify them
  • I will not write anything that may cause harm to the company’s reputation, either internal or external. I will hold their best interests above my own
  • I will respect confidential and proprietary information at all times
  • If I am in doubt as to whether something can be discussed, I will leave it out
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