Clint Brown Divorce

Funny how this post still continues to generate comments. And, there appears to be an unusual amount of search activity originating from the same area in Florida. Almost as though some people there do not want any discussion of this item to be taking place on the web.

I had raised the question as to whether Christian leaders should be living excessive lifestyles. For more details on Clint Brown’s lifestyle look here.

Is Brown an entertainer or a pastor? As a pastor, should he be held to account for a lavish lifestyle and a failed marriage? According to the correspondence that I have received from his followers: no. The man, apparently, is above accountability. The reason? Brown is doing God’s work and God alone will judge Brown.

From the same article:

Some wonder why an entertainer such as Brown shouldn’t be able to live like a rock star just because his other job is pastor.

“Christian music stars live very, very well,” said Charisma’s Grady. “If they become a pastor, does that mean that they need to live in a duplex?”

The Browns’ 4,455-square-foot home in Alaqua Lakes in Seminole County is furnished with a $50,000 home entertainment center and a $5,000 pool table. Among their assets: $300,000 in jewelry, according to the divorce file.

“In his world, it may not be out of line,” said Martin Glickstein, a Maitland CPA who prepares clergy tax returns. “This guy is obviously very public, a performer. In his lifestyle this is probably normal.”

Regardless of the source of income, Brown’s lifestyle is unseemly, said Steve Harper; vice president and professor of spiritual formation at Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando.

“The Bible teaches that spiritual leaders are held to a higher standard, by the very public nature of our ministry,” Harper said. “We have to be careful about our image. . . . We simply cannot live without accountability as spiritual leaders.”

Harper is obviously a wise man.

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  1. Lynda Bridwell
    Lynda Bridwell says:

    When I heard the news, I was heart-broken. Clint Brown is an anointed singer and songwriter. He is truly like David, a psalmist. David make mistakes and sinned, but the Bible says he was a man after God’s own heart. I truly believe the ministry is a touch place to be and I would be careful to judge those as God says “touch not my anointed.” If David still was a man after God’s own heart, I believe Clint and Angie Brown both love the Lord and need our prayers through this rough time. Let’s continue to remember that we fight not against FLESH and BLOOD, but against principalities and powers. We know God can turn this around for His glory. I still love the ministry and music of Clint Brown. He is in my prayers.

  2. melodymaker
    melodymaker says:

    Clint Brown has written a LOT of music. He is asked to sing and preach at churches across the nation. He mostly produces his own CD’s as well, which means that the profits for those music sales go directly to him. So…he is a wealthy man. So what? He earned it, right? If he were not a pastor of his own church then his lifestyle would not even be an issue.

    HOWEVER, the fact that his church pays some of his bills…that’s weird. If he is making so much money through his own songwriting and performing career, then I see no reason for his church to pay for $70,000 worth of clothing or $200,000 worth of credit card bills. His congregation and board pays for these items by choice – not because Clint Brown demands it. His church obviously loves him, wants to keep him around, and intends to show their ‘support’ through monetary means…but couldn’t that money be spent on outreach programs or on feeding the poor? I wonder.

  3. Old friend
    Old friend says:

    Basic Christianity 101,

    The Lord is our strength and our ever present help in time of need, Not Divorce and the Love of Money. We have too many Pastors living lives that they preach against on Sunday morning.

    The Bible says that we shall know them by the fruit they produce in their lives. And then we wonder why the Christian life is mocked, The World can’t even tell us apart from them anymore. What hope and light do we hold up for the lost to run to. We are as lost as they are.

  4. Kevin Canada
    Kevin Canada says:

    I sang in Clint Brown’s choir for over two years, he did nothing for any of his people who helped him but ask for money and when they gave all they could he would ask for even more and make them feel guilty for not giving. Sorry “Prosperity” Theology works for one person and one person only to make the pastors rich, frankly I think they need to clean up these churches that prey on it’s parishoners, it’s abhorent!

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