Ready, Set, Go

Some of you may remember Skip Prokop from his days with Lighthouse. Skip was in the studio today getting his kit set up with Bill Hibbs. Bill is the president of Monolith Drums and Skip is a featured artist.

Bill came in and got the kit prepped and tuned. Skip came in later in the day to check the setup. I will head down to the studio later this evening and I will get all the mics positioned and tested.

Monolith makes a great sounding kit. I’ll take some pictures and post them to the blog later this week-end. Below is a marketing photo of the Odyssey set that we will be using. The kit has a pearlescent laquer finish on reinforced 6 ply maple. We are also using a tuned bass drum with an integrated Audio Technica dual-mode drum mic (the AE2500)

Monolith Drums

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  1. Jesse Rose
    Jesse Rose says:

    hey, nice drums, acually, they are mine, im glad everything went well with the recording, i knew that they would do the trick, they are very beautiful drums and im proud you guys like them, take it easy


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