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Digidesign just announced that it is now shipping its new live sound console. I figure about $75,000 USD for a basic configuration. From the Digidesign website:

VENUE consists of the D-Show mixing console, FOH mix engine, a Stage Rack I/O unit with recallable, remote controlled preamps and a multi-channel digital snake. The system is highly expandable, allowing up to 96 mic inputs to be mixed to 27 busses. The powerful mix engine provides EQ and Dynamics processing on every input channel, along with 24 assignable graphic EQs and full support for Pro Tools plug-ins. VENUE also features an integrated recording and playback option for industry-standard Digidesign Pro Tools systems.

Obviously a bit too expensive for club acts and yet quite reasonably priced when compared to some of the other live sound digital boards such as the Yamaha PM1D. Chad Franscoviak, who does Front of House mixing and engineering for John Mayer, is actively promoting Venue. You can learn more about this system here.

Digidesign Venue

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  1. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Thank you for the link. I have a son about the same age who is also very active in music. And, just to show that the U.K. Cleavers are active on the web, this would be the second Richard Cleaver from the U.K. that connected with the Richard Cleaver in Canada over the past month. And here I thought I was the only one in the world 😉

    I did spend a few years in Folkestone, Kent. My father was born in the U.K. and came to Canada after the first world war.

    Thank you for posting and I hope your son continues to develop his musical talents!


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