Winter Continues

Canada. A wonderful country with long winters. As March arrives there is always the hope that winter will end early. It better. We open the pool in a couple of weeks.

And, since I received numerous emails about the photo… I have gone back into this post to add a few comments. The picture is not recent. There is a lot more snow in our backyard right now particularly after the storm on Feb 28th. We are waiting confirmation from our pool service as to when they will open the pool. I doubt that the pool will open before the end of March. Which is just as well. I suspect the weather will be pretty cool until about May.

A bit cool for the pool

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Nice to visit with you and Lorraine yesterday Richard, however briefly. Having viewed the backyard only a few hours before you posted your entry, you and the boys must have done considerable snow clearing to get the area to the state I see above. Or perhaps this photo is an optimistic anachronism?


  2. richard cleaver
    richard cleaver says:

    Great to see you yesterday! I could claim that the photo was digitally enhanced to suit my optimistic view of an early spring. However, the shot was taken a couple of weeks back. Then we had a major snowstorm. Perhaps that was the reason for the headline of “Winter Continues”? 🙂


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