Guitarists Meet the Queen

There was a piece in the National Post today on a reception, hosted by the Queen of England, for Britain’s music industry. Amongst the 500 or so celebrities were some of the greatest guitar players that I have ever known: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Brian May.

Between the four of them, they have been in groups that have sold well over 300 million albums. And, they are getting older. Eric Clapton is turning 60 this year. Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page are both turning 61. And, Brian May, guitarist and founding member of Queen, is turning 58.

Eric Clapton? What do you do?

My birthday was yesterday. And, between my work in audio engineering and playing guitar, it looks as though I have at least 12 more years before I get to meet the Queen. And, by then, these great players will be in their seventies. Egads.

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