How Much Is Enough?

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A few weeks back, Jordon Cooper had posted on bi-vocational ministry. Bi-vocational ministry is a term that describes pastoral staff that also work full-time. And, it caused me to think about the demands of life generally and, with respect to volunteer involvement with church ministry, to ask the question: how much is enough?

I plotted all of my activities last week and it was quite interesting. My sleep time was an average of 6 hours a night or 42 hours for the week. Work was 68 hours. Meal times, getting ready for the day and getting ready to sleep was 7 hours. And, church activities amounted to 32 hours.

I was shocked.

I am almost serving full-time. Perhaps I am a bi-vocational minister. And yet, I continue to experience a sense of guilt if I do not attend special church events and other programs like small groups. I wonder… how much is enough?

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