Another Day, Another Hosting Service

The blog had to move yet again. The hosting service that I was using was just not up to the task. The service had wildly fluctuating response times, multiple outages, internal server errors. In short, a terrible experience.

And so, I moved the site. Again. And, because WordPress had a new release, I decided to take the plunge and move up to Release 1.5 from Release 1.2.2.

One of the interesting changes has to do with separating out the presentation themes from the content of the blog. WordPress comes bundled with a default theme. That theme is the current design of this site. I will need to do work to bring the design over from the old blog. So, please bear with me for a few days. The site is fully functional however somewhat plain looking.

By the way, the theme that you are looking at is called Kubrick. I did modify the blue blob at the top of the theme with an artistic rendition of the control room from my studio.

I will get the curtains on in relatively short order by the week-end. But it likely means a major redesign for the blog. I quite like the many features of the new and improved WordPress and I also like some elements of the Kubrick theme. I will incorporate some of those elements, especially the archive templates. Those are really cool. You can try it out for yourself by selecting one of the archive months on the sidebar. Pretty nifty.

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