Today Matters

John Maxwell’s book, Today Matters, outlines 12 daily practices as a way to provoke focus on making each day count. The 12 practices include:

  1. Attitude: choose and display the right attidudes daily
  2. Priorities: determine and act on important priorities daily
  3. Health: know and follow healthy guidelines daily
  4. Family: communicate and care with family daily
  5. Thinking: practice and develop good thinking daily
  6. Commitment: make and keep proper commitments daily
  7. Finances: make and properly manage dollars daily
  8. Faith: deepen and live out faith daily
  9. Relationships: initiate and invest in solid relationships daily
  10. Generosity: plan for and model generosity daily
  11. Values: embrace and practice good values daily
  12. Growth: seek and experience improvements daily

Maxwell argues that we should assess where we stand on making these decisions as part of our daily lives. We should take time to think through each area and make a major decision in each one that will be lifelong. Obviously, making good decisions requires discipline.

I reviewed all of these decisions and reflected on the good decisions that already take place daily. And, there were quite a few. I identified the decisions that I still needed to make and decided to focus on this one: attitude.

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