A New Home

Later today I will be moving the site to a new hosting service. When I started my blog I did not have too many requirements for the site. Something basic was all I thought I needed.

I went online through my ISP, Sympatico, and took a hosting service which provided the following: 25MB of storage, 4GB of bandwidth and pretty much nothing else. No PHP, no PERL, no MYSQL, no web stats. Really basic.

I am wanting to move my blog over to a more sophisticated content management suite which requires PHP and MYSQL. Sympatico offered a package which includes 150MB of storage and PHP and MYSQL for a mere $550 a year.

I looked elsewhere. I signed up with Canaca. They are based in Toronto and they offer some excellent deals. I selected a package which offers 20GB of storage, 400GB of bandwidth, and a full suite of tools. $150 a year. 80 times the storage of my current site. 100 times the bandwidth. All the tools. Priced just a bit higher than my basic service at Sympatico.

The site will go down for a couple of days as I have to change the domain registrar name servers to point the domain to its new location. I will do this over the week-end and I will look forward to hosting the site from its new home. The propogation should take a day or so at most so things should be back up on Monday.

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