Getting Things Done

I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done over the Christmas break. Since then I have come across a few interesting posts on how to manage Outlook as well as how to be more focused on getting through the many tasks of each day.

Email is a blessing and a curse. I enjoy the ability to readily communicate with a wide range of people yet the sheer volume of messages can be overwhelming at times. Between my various email sources at work, at home, via RIM, via blog and websites, I usually process 200 – 300 email messages a day.

Jeff Sandquist has some great posts on how he approaches managing his inbox here and here. I had already downloaded the Outlook add-on from David Allen’s site but I had not taken advantage of the category feature of Outlook. As part of my New Year’s resolutions I had decided to be better organized with my inboxes. Jeff’s material offers a great start. I also enjoyed this link from Jeff’s post.

I also committed myself to learning more about postmodernism and the emerging church. This site had a fascinating collection of resources, links and recommended readings.

There are those that believe that the emergence of the postmodern era (1960 onward) will impact the world and the church in a profound way. The church is heading to a second reformation. I do hope the church in North America does head somewhere. As far as I can tell the church is at risk of heading nowhere.

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