Do Not Fly US Airways

We had troubles with US Airways when we flew down to Tampa from Toronto three weeks ago. We had a connecting flight in Philadelphia which we missed due to a two-hour delay in departure from Toronto. We had to stay overnight in Philadelphia in a shoddy and dirty airport hotel. We resumed our flight the following morning and everyone and their luggage all arrived safely.

Although inconvenient, the trip down was not overly stressful.

The return leg was a comedy of errors. If you can think about all of the things that can go wrong on a flight then you have some sense of what we went through. Delayed flights. Cancelled flights. Lost baggage. Incomplete bookings. Terrible customer service. Disorganized processes. Misleading information.

Not the best way to end a vacation.

I also suspect that the winter storm we are experiencing today is due, in part, to my blog. I had been boasting of the sun and warmth in Florida during our vacation. I now get to face the harsh realities of living in Canada during the winter months. Boy it gets cold and the snow… where are my snowshoes anyway?

As for US Airways I can only relay what the Air Canada customer service representative in baggage told me: “…if you fly US Airways you will lose baggage. It happens all the time…”

Despite the travel hassles we had a wonderful time away. Here is a picture from Walt Disney World. I took over 1,000 pictures with my digital camera on this vacation. I promise you that I will not post them all here on my blog. Back to the audio portion of this blog next time.

I promise.

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