Another Day With A Mouse

We had another great day at Walt Disney World yesterday. The weather has been perfect: high 70s, mainly sunny. The crowds were pretty busy and by noon we decided to take a break. We returned to the resort and challenged the Seven Seas Lagoon with a flotilla of water sprites. Water sprites are small but pretty lethal powerboats. We had a riot. We then returned to Disney Marketplace to get some souvenirs and gifts. I stopped by the Guitar Gallery to see if the custom Fender Strat was still available. And it was. I took a picture of the price tag so that you can see that it is possible to spend $20,000 USD on a Strat. By comparison, a well equipped American Strat goes for about $1,000 USD.

Our flight heads out from Tampa International Airport tomorrow morning at 9:30am. We need to check-in by 8:00am. The travel time to Tampa is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. We will need to leave the resort tomorrow morning by 6:00am to allow for any potential traffic issues.

We did have a chance to see the Tomorrowland Band at Magic Kingdom. This is a stage band that entertains the crowds out in the park. I was curious to see what kind of sound system they were using. The keyboard player and the bass player used 2 x 10 + tweeter cabinets. The bassist was wireless. The drummer played without mics. The horn section swapped mics for the featured soloist. The sound system consisted of a small Mackie mixer, a small set of JBL speakers and a few Shure LX wireless boxes. All in all, a compact and effective system. The band was snapping.

Great players. Cheap sound system. Go figure. The sound was terrific. Maybe the most important ingredient in live sound is the talent?

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