A Walk In The Parks

We had our first full day at Walt Disney World. The above picture was taken at Animal Kingdom’s Rain Forest Cafe restaurant. I thought that the crowds at Disney would be really really heavy.

And I was wrong. We left Anna Maria Island at 5:30am and we made the drive to the Grand Floridian resort in Walt Disney World in exactly two hours. We checked in, picked up our tickets and drove to Epcot in time for opening at 8:00am. The wait times for all the rides? Zero. We did all of the Epcot rides before noon. We then decided to book a late lunch/early supper at Animal Kingdom. We headed over to that park just before 1:00pm and, much to our surprise, we found that the crowds were also really light there as well. Most rides had little or no waiting time.

The Grand Floridian is a magnificient hotel. Our room is wonderful. We had a great day and later in the evening we went to Virgin Megastore and the Guitar Gallery at Downtown Disney. I saw two Fender Strats for sale: a Hendrix custom shop for $20,000 USD and another custom for $13,000 USD. Needless to say, I bought them both.

The Grand Floridian is wired and wireless for high speed Internet. Like all things Disney, you have to pay. $10 for 24 contiguous hours. I am addicted to the net. $10 seems like a bargain. Tomorrow we will be heading out to Disney MGM in the morning and we will likely spend time at the pool and the resort tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow evening is a family tradition: a binge at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue.

Such fun.

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