Back In The Saddle

I will be heading out on vacation next Thursday for three weeks so fair warning as I won’t be able to update the blog during most of that time.

My next project starts up in January and it should be an interesting one. I have not yet held a preproduction meeting as last year was so intense. However, I think the project will involve more synthesis and sample work. Much of the recording that we do is working with instruments played live. MIDI-based production can be interesting and combined MIDI and live recording is always fun.

I have also put a hold on studio bookings after this project as I am in discussions on another potential effort to work on a compilation project.

I have a few more tune ups to do in the studio before heading out on vacation. I also picked up a new iPod last night which pleased my son very much. He quite likes the trickle down effect of my technology upgrades as he now receives my old iPod.

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