The Gambler

The Gambler was a Don Schlitz song that was recorded by Kenny Rogers in 1978. The record sold tens of millions of copies and won a Grammy for Song of the Year. Larry Butler, who produced this project, won Producer of the Year. The Gambler spawned five made-for-TV movies as well as a mini-series.

I did some work in the studio where The Gambler was recorded. The studio is now called Sound Emporium. In 1978, Kenny Rogers recorded The Gambler in Studio B. Studio B was a small L-shaped tracking room and the control room held a Quad 8 console and an Ampex MM-1000 16-track recorder with JBL 4320 monitors. Today, Studio B hosts a Trident 80-B 32-input/24 buss console, a Mitsubishi X-850 32-track digital recorder and an Otari 90 II 24-track analog recorder.

I did not hear from The Gambler again until yesterday when he removed all the money from my bank account. The Gambler had somehow compromised the debit card and withdrew all of the money at the Windsor Casino. Looks like I will have to hold off on any equipment upgrades until the bank replaces the funds.

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  1. morata
    morata says:

    Hello from PARIS,
    I’ve seen you have legendary JBL 4320, thanks JBL for all pop rock fabulous records of the 70’s recorded with this unrivaled cabinet and all 43 serie. Here in France, JBL is like HAMMOND organ, unrivaled. We see still a lot of 4312, 4313 and “custom” JBL G Augspurger STUDIO monitors.
    New JBL so have great succes LSR SERIES 28P and up to date JBL LSR RMC. Some engineers tell they are the best in the world.
    If you have old photos of YOU and JBL monitors send to me !!
    thanks a lot
    best regard


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