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Some of you may have caught the news about U2’s new album being pirated away just prior to its release in November.

A major investigation is already underway by the French police. BBC News reported that around 20 people were being questioned regarding the CD’s disappearance at the Victorine recording studio. The studio, located in Nice, was the site of the band’s photo shoot.

U2 recorded much of the new album, which has not yet been titled, in Dublin. The band was in France completing some post-production work. The missing CD was a rough cut and not a finished product.

Studio de la Victorine is part of the Euro Media Television Group and has been renamed to Studios Riviera. The studio offers 10 sound stages and over 750,000 square feet of space. I spent some time in Nice many years back. Not a bad place to to hold a photo shoot but be wary of pirates. They are everywhere.

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