You’d Better Have Rights

Cinram is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pre-recorded DVD, VHS Video Cassette, CD-Audio, CD-ROM, and Audio Cassettes. I have toured one of their facilities in Toronto and they have impressive manufacturing capabilities. Most commercial audio CDs that are distributed in Canada are manufactured by Cinram.

Cinram also requires proof of licensing for all new orders. They are now active in the International Recording Media Association’s (IRMA) Anti-Piracy Compliance Program. This program allows Cinram to be in compliance with applicable copyright law protecting the rights of legitimate intellectual property rights holders. Cinram’s Huntsville, Richmond, Indiana and Toronto facilities are all certified.

This means that for any new orders, or any re-orders for which licensing was never provided, proper licensing documentation is required prior to manufacturing.

Of course, small run operations have no such requirements and neither do all of those millions of CDRs but I suppose it is a start.

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