Rambling Away

Getting closer to the start of a new project. I’m not sure that I am ready yet. Yesterday I received the CD from one of my recent projects. And, in another week, I should receive a CD from another project. The artists of these two projects have both selected November 27th as the date to hold their CD release events. Very unfortunate for me as I can only attend one. My son and I were asked by one of the artists to play at his CD release concert. That pretty much rules out attending the other event.

I have been making some more changes to the studio during my break from recording. I upgraded the Mac G5 to OSX 10.3.5 from 10.3.4 and I am still in the process of upgrading Pro Tools to 6.7 from 6.4. There are times when I wish the whole process of upgrading was much simpler. When you take into account all of the time needed to backup the existing installation, download and install all the required updates, test the new installation, it really becomes an arduous task.

Here is a cover shot of one of the CDs:

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