Back In The Saddle

Apologies for the break from blogging. The past few months were incredibly busy. It is not too often that I see major projects cutting masters within a week of each other. I am looking forward to seeing the finished products and I hope the respective artists are pleased with the final results.

When I was at the Lacquer Channel I had the opportunity to preview a couple of tracks from Jorane’s newest CD titled The You And The Now. The CD is available at retail although a bit hard to find on the shelves of some retailers. Jorane was born in Quebec City. She sings and she plays cello. She has been very successful in Europe and the mastering engineer at the Lacquer Channel believes that she has sold over 5 million units worldwide. Neilsen Soundscan puts her CD at 54 on the top 100 seller list for the week of October 21st. I have purchased several of her CDs. A very unique and gifted artist with a signature sound that is both refreshing and haunting.

A pleasant relief from all the hard-edged music that gets produced these days. I found her newest CD at the Bay/Bloor HMV in Toronto. Highly recommended for discerning listeners.

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