Break Time

I completed final mixes for a project that started last February. I will be heading out to the mastering house tomorrow. I have recommended a number of projects to the Lacquer Channel. George Graves has been doing mastering work in the Toronto area for what seems like forever. He has worked with a number of tier 1 acts including Bryan Adams, U2, Rush and Peter Gabriel. I think my first mastering session, back in the days of vinyl, was at Phase One Recording Studios. This would have been back almost 25 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

Mastering is the process of enhancing and assembling the individual songs of a recording project. The sequence of songs, the transition from song-to-song, the overall tone and dynamics of the project are mastered to create a balanced and professional presentation of the music. The mastering engineer will create the final media which is used by the manufacturing plant to replicate the recording.

A typical session will last one day although there are some projects which will take longer.

Given the hectic pace I am going to take a break for a few weeks. I have another project which my manager is setting up for November. I need to wind down a little bit and I have a few required maintenance activities to do in the studio.

Below is a picture of Lacquer Channel’s monitoring room:

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