Time In A Bottle

I will be spending most of the next few weeks working on my studio tan. We have committed the project I am working on to get to the mastering engineer for October 13th. I would prefer to have final mixes completed at least two weeks in advance to give enough time for additional listening and tweaking. Unfortunately, we are still tracking.

I have about 30 hours of work to do over the next few days and somewhere in there I have to squeeze some time for other commitments. I hope to finish all tracking by this evening and complete all the mix pre-work activities this week-end. If, by some miracle, I can do two mixes a day next week then I may have one pass of mixes ready for review by next Saturday. I’ll have to work the entire long week-end to have the second pass ready for sign-off by Monday morning as I will need the balance of the day on Monday to prepare the material for the mastering stage.

I am concerned about the time compression as it is now very, very tight. The project is sounding so good right now that I would hate to miss something during the mixing stage because things got too rushed.

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