Om Pa Pa

I was back into tracking activities last week after a marathon month of mixing. I find mixing to be far more demanding from both a technical and creative perspective.

Last Saturday we had Paul Neufeld in the studio tracking keyboards. Paul is a Juno award-winning, Toronto-based composer, pianist, and tuba player working in a number of large and small band contexts. He co-leads and composes for Neufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra (NOJO). He did not bring his tuba out to the session but he managed to work through 11 songs and 50 tracks in one day. Fantastic musician.

From a technical perspective, tracking keyboards is very straightforward. I find it to be the easiest set of instruments to get a sound in the pocket.

During the session, I found myself thinking about the best way to get a great sound from a tuba.

I need a life 😉

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