A New Beginning

I delivered the third and final set of mix candidates for a project that I started tracking almost two years ago. The producer signed off on the finals and the project is now closed.

Funny thing though. I am a bit sad that the project has closed. When I work closely with people on a creative challenge I usually develop strong friendships. In a very real sense, the project and its contributors become part of my family. I will miss the artist and the producer from this project. They were wonderful people to work with and I hope that they are delighted with the outcome.

I am also sad because my oldest child is starting a new chapter in her life. My daughter starts her first year at university. I am thrilled for her and I know that she will have a wonderful experience. She came into my life over 18 years ago and she means everything to me.

I was able to hold back the tears today when we said good-bye. I wasn’t so controlled when I returned home. I will miss her very much.

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