Reference CDs

There are many times when I am mixing where I turn to a set of reference CDs to get my ears in tune. There are so many variables associated with creating good sounding mixes that can translate well to different playback devices that having a point of reference can be very helpful.

The following recordings represent signature efforts by highly accomplished and creative people. Even if you do not mix audio you should consider them for your own CD collection. Highly recommended.

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
Mastered by Doug Sax. Engineered by Alan Parsons. Capitol Records, C2-46001 (several re-releases), (c)1973.

The Night Fly – Donald Fagen
Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Engineered by Roger Nichols and Eliot Scheiner. Warner Brothers, 923696-2, (c)1982.

Citizen – Steely Dan
Mastered by Glenn Meadows. Engineered by Roger Nichols, Elliot Scheiner, and Al Schmitt. MCA Records, 4-10-981, (c)1993.

In a Sentimental Mood – Dr. John with guest Ricky Lee Jones
Original master by Doug Sax. Produced by Tommy Lipuma. Engineered by Bill Schnee. Warner Brothers Records, 9 25889-2, (c)1989.

Innervisions – Stevie Wonder
Mastered by George Marino. Engineered by Dan Barbiero and Austin Godsey. Motown Records, 3746303262. (c)1973.

Joshua Judges Ruth – Lyle Lovett
Mastered by Doug Sax. Recorded by George Massenburg and Nathaniel Kunkel; mixed by George Massenburg. MCA Records, MCAD-10475. (c)1992.

Amused to Death – Roger Waters
Mastered by Doug Sax and Ron Lester, Recorded by Nick Griffiths, Engineered by James Guthrie. Columbia Records, CK47127, (c)1992.

Feeling Alright – Jerry Medina
Mastered by David Rodriguez. Engineered by Francisco Hurrado. RMM Records. RMD 82259, (c)1998.

The Gershwin Connection – Dave Grusin
Mastered by Wally Traugott. Engineered by Ed Rak. GRP Records, GRD-2005, (c)1991.

Luck of the Draw – Bonnie Raitt
Original Master by Doug Sax. Engineered by Ed Cherney. Produced by Don Was. Capitol Records, 07777-96111-2, (c)1991.

Sergeant Pepper – Beatles
Produced by George Martin. Engineered by Geoff Emmerick . Capitol, Apple Records, CDP746442-2, (c)1998.

You Won’t Forget Me – Shirley Horn
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, recorded and mixed by David Baker. Verve Records, 422-847482-2, (c)1990.

Forgiving Eden – A Triggering Myth
Mastered by Bob Katz. Engineered by Vic Stevens. Lasers Edge, LE1036, (c)2002.

Hourglass – James Taylor
Mastered by Ted Jensen. Engineered by Frank Filipetti. Columbia Records, CK67912, (c)1997.

New Favorite – Allison Krauss and Union Station
Mastered by Doug Sax. Engineered by Gary Paezosa on DSD. Rounder Records. 11661-0495-2, (c)2001.

Recycler – ZZ Top
Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Engineered by Terry Manning. Warner Brother Records, 926265-2, (c)1990.

Diamonds and Rust– Joan Baez
Mastered by Mike Reese. Engineered by Rick Ruggieri. A&M Records, D 3233, (c)1975.

Brand New Day – Sting
Mastered by Chris Blair. Engineered by Simon Osborne. A&M Records, 0694904432, (c)1999.

Every Single Day – Lucy Kaplansky
Mastered by David Glasser. Engineered by Ben Wisch. Red House Records, RHR CD156, (c)2001.

Pieces of the Sun – Tony Levin
Mastered by Trevor Sadler. Engineered by Kevin Killen. Narada, 72438-11626-2-0, (c)2002.

You’re the One – Paul Simon
Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Engineered by Andy Smith. Warner Brothers, 947844-2, (c)2000.

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