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As part of the upgrade to the Mac G5 I received a Pro Tools High Definition package of plugins as well as a set of demo plugins. Plugins are software audio processors with specialized functions used in digital audio workstations for recording and mixing activities. Plugins on the Pro Tools TDM platform are usually copy protected through an iLok key. The iLok key stores information on whether the plugin is licensed or a time-limited copy.

One of the demo plugins included in the HD pack was the Digidesign Reverb One. I tried the plugin and I found that it had some very nice qualities. Somewhat expensive though. In Canada, the price including taxes is a little over $1,500.

Surprise, surprise. You can buy new and used TDM plugins on eBay!

I placed a bid for a Reverb One license and I won the bid. For a third the price.

The seller transferred the license from his iLok account to mine. I did not have to do anything other than download the license to my account. And, without any delay, the reverb was up and online.

This was my first eBay purchase. The next time I need some plugins for my Pro Tools environment, I will check eBay first.

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