Better Late Than Never

The summer in Ontario that wasn’t. This will likely go down as one of the coolest and wettest summers in many years. All the better to work on the recording studio tan.

I officially entered the crunch zone. This is the zone where you know you have way too many commitments and not enough time.

One of the projects I am working on needed some last minute reworking. Specifically, one of the tracks was recorded in a key that was later determined to be too high for the vocalist. I scrambled Saturday to find an available studio with a decent concert grand to retake the piano. Then I scrambled on Tuesday to find a session player who could show up for the session on Thursday. Today I spent most of the morning charting up the new tracks. I estimate that this minor hiccup in preproduction will wind up taking roughly 15 hours of my direct time and around $500 dollars in studio related costs for the two hours that it will take the pianist to recut the song.

For those of you about to go in to a recording studio allow me to give you some helpful advice: make sure you pick the right key for your song 😉

I will be tracking at Lydian Sound tomorrow afternoon. First time that I have been in their room so I am looking forward to seeing the studio firsthand. I’ll give you my impressions tomorrow.

Still waiting for the Apple G5 to arrive. It has been on order for over 3 weeks now. I guess Apple must build them by hand. Just as well really. I do not have enough cycles to migrate the main Digital Audio Workstation this week.

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