The saga on the overheated office computer continues. Yesterday I began the process of rebuilding that system.

I gathered all of my requisite parts from Logic Computer Warehouse in Markham: P4 3Ghz processor. Check. ASUS P4P800 SE mobo. Check. Dual Channel 512MB RAM. Check. 120 GB Hard Drive (as I feared, I have to rebuild the system from scratch… there goes a day!). Check.

Spent an hour or so last night swapping out the old mobo and related components and, after carefully examining all connections, I powered the new system.


No POST. No video. The mobo goes green. This indicates that the board is receiving power. The CPU fan turns. The various drives go green. But after that? Nothing.

Worked on it until 2am. Prowled the ASUS motherboard forums to gain some insight. Not surprisingly a lot of people experience this kind of fun. I am taking it back to the dealer this morning because I am not prepared to spend this kind of time troubleshooting the problem. From the various postings on the P4P800 boot issues it could be bad RAM or a bad mobo.

Still waiting for my Mac to arrive for the studio DAW. I wonder if my experience with that platform will be any better.

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