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I confess. I am a gear addict. I collect all manner of musical instruments as well as the usual suspects that a person needs to equip a recording studio: microphones, outboard, recorders, cables, etc.

I have a nice collection of guitars and amplifiers. My collection pales in comparison to Randy Bachman’s guitar collection.

Randy Bachman, formerly of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, has a collection of roughly 450 guitars. 350 of those guitars are made by Gretsch. The signature guitar sound in the hit song Takin’ Care of Business was played on a Gretsch 6120.

Fred Gretsch believes that Randy Bachman has the largest collection of Gretsch guitars in the world. Bachman has over two dozen 6120s, two dozen White Falcons, as well as two White Penguins.

Although not as much of a household name as Gibson and Fender, Gretsch guitars find their way into many different recordings and even feature films. In the movie I, Robot, Will Smith’s character, Detective Spooner, has a Gretsch or two scattered about his apartment.

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  1. Cheryl Anderson
    Cheryl Anderson says:

    Does Randy Bacchman have any vox 6 string electric guitars in his collection? I am asking because my brother has what we think is a Vox Invader and we heard somewhere that he collected these as well and we were wondering what the value would be.

    Cheryl Anderson

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    I do not know if Randy collects Vox guitars. However, the Blue Book of Electric Guitars (2005 edition) would put the value of the instrument between $800 and $1,500 depending on its condition.

  3. christian winkler
    christian winkler says:

    i got one question, by looking at the bachman cummings dvd,first time around , you can see that the frets of this white one electric guitar has different frets on first and second position G-string, 1.position and H-string on 3.position!!
    do you know something bout that?

  4. Dave Giliberti
    Dave Giliberti says:

    Hello, I heard Randy has an extensive collection of Northern guitars , they were japanese lawsuit knockoffs of fenders & gibsons distributed to the canadian market only & came with maple leaf position markers. Do you know anything about this & do any photos exist?
    Dave Giliberti


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