Second Neve Mainframe Arrives

I have been working over the past year on restoring a Neve console for use in my recording studio. You can review some pictures about the restoration activities here. Last night we received the second mainframe. We had already taken most of the parts from this second mainframe however there were a few critical parts that I needed to complete the restoration. These parts are contained within the relay bus network of the console. I checked them out last night and they are all in place.

I will strip the balance of parts from this second console and scrap the mainframe. I will tackle the balance of the restoration activities over the next year. These activities include recapping the board, upgrading certain components to ensure the best possible sonic performance and overall system testing. Sadly, I still lack the documentation that goes along with the board however Neve maintains the documentation and I can acquire the necessary schematics for the console directly from them.

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