On the Range

Range of vocal singers:

  • Soprano: Middle C (about 261Hz) to E above High C (about 659Hz), and beyond
  • Alto: G below Middle C (about 196Hz), up to D above High C (about 587Hz)
  • Tenor: Second B below Middle C (about 144Hz) to G above Middle C (about 392Hz), and beyond
  • Bass: E (about 82Hz) an octave and a half below Middle C to Middle C (about 261Hz)

Tony Bruno

There are a large number of boutique guitar amplifiers. I had a chance to hear a Bruno. Very impressive amplifier. Tony Bruno custom amplifiers feature point to point wired circuits on custom boards or terminal strips, precision custom wound transformers, CTS pots, special US made caps, New Old Stock and Hi-End resistors, phenolic and ceramic tube sockets, stainless steel bolts and screws, heavy duty steel chassis, steel corners, finger jointed solid pine cabinets, 13 ply Baltic birch baffles, padded handles, premium or NOS tubes, and a choice of covering and speakers. The unit I like is the Underground 30. It is available in combo form as a 1×10, 2×10, 1×12. All for a mere $3,200 USD.

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