Countryman E6

Last week I was doing live sound and the primary wireless microphone elected to go south. Much as I suspected the issue was improper handling and the cable had developed a short where it connects to the battery pack. I had the microphone repaired for a mere $15. I also took the opportunity to order a new microphone for the wireless system. The Countryman E6 Isomax EarSet provides high sound quality without the bulk and appearance of conventional headsets. The E6 clips around your ear, not around your head and they are available in four colors, Light Beige, Tan, Cocoa, and Black to blend with the user’s appearance. We’ll need to do a custom connector for our wireless system. I expect much improved fidelity and because the microphone is always at the sound source and not prone to dropouts as the user turns their head we should see an overall improvement in legibility.

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  1. Randy Walberg
    Randy Walberg says:

    How have your E6s turned out for you? We just got a couple of countryman E6s and have noticed the odd crackling noise on some of it’s first uses. The cabling seems fine (we also had to get some custom connectors for our older Beyerdynamic system)
    Randy Walberg
    Thunder Bay, ON

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Randy,

    We have also experienced crackling with the E6 microphone. I have had the E6 rewired several times. And the last time, I had a custom strain relief system made up for the connector end. It seems as though the cable is really, really sensitive to any wear and tear. It’s too bad because the E6 has so many things going for it… great sound, gain before feedback and user friendly.

    Two things to keep in mind: 1) the connector at the microphone end is easily dislodged and can cause crackling and 2) the cable is very sensitive at the mic pack; a good strain relief is highly recommended.

    btw… our speakers love the way this mic sounds and they like the fact that they can move their heads without signal loss. And, since we put in the E6s, we have not experienced any feedback issues. Feedback was unfortunately all to common an occurence for the less experienced tech support folks when they worked with lavs.


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