Although most of my recording work is done on the other side of the glass I still have many performance opportunities live and in studio. There are times when I contribute directly to projects that I am producing. Such was the case last night as I tracked a number of guitar parts for a current project.

Years past it was always a hard go. However, with the magic of Remote Desktop and wireless networking, this is now so much simpler. I set myself up in one of the talent rooms and I use my laptop computer to drive most of the equipment in the control room. I can operate the Control 24 and Pro Tools environment as if I were in the control room. The laptop operates the studio DAW as if it were directly connected. Very slick.


Currently running about twice the normal load of session work in the studio. Really pleased to see how well the studio is doing and also the improvement in sonic fidelity over the past couple of years. We also are seeing a much higher calibre of talent coming in and that makes the whole process that much more enjoyable for me personally.

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