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The week-end was full of activity and I was unable to post until today. Session work on Saturday went well. I did live sound Sunday morning and then a performance at a contemporary worship service Sunday evening. The performance was great although I am still fighting the noise issue with my guitar rig. I did not get a chance to use a power conditioner to see if that would have an impact. I’m not even sure that my guitars are appropriately shielded and that may have an impact as well. I’ll try the power conditioner first as it is cheaper and less work then shielding a guitar.

Studio Design Website

This site is a good resource for anyone looking for help in building a recording studio. Our construction work took almost six months from concept to finished product. I cannot recall how many rolls of Roxul Safe and Sound insulation we used for the rooms but I do know that two people spent almost three days stuffing cavities with this material. Floating walls, floating floors, bass traps, staggered double stud wall, dual drywall panels, acoustic sealants, conduits, precision framing… so many details to consider when building a decent recording and monitoring space. John’s site has some great examples of studio projects. Worth a look.

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