Success with Pro Tools 6.4

Pro Tools 6.4 was successfully deployed. I had to upgrade the primary DAW to XP Service Pack 1 first. I run 9 computers on the network and the primary DAW is the only machine that has not been patched with SP1. This was a deliberate strategy on my part to ensure a stable platform for Pro Tools. The Service Pack installed successfully and I did some tests of the DAW to ensure that everything worked before moving on to the next stage. I downloaded 6.4 from the Digidesign site. 55MB download in 2 minutes. Really have to love high speed internet access. I also needed to download some updated plugins. Did the 6.4 install and firmware upgrades for the recorders. Everything worked fine except that I had to rediscover the Control 24 ethernet controller. All in all this was a painless experience. Years ago this was not the same story.


We are fortunate to work with a number of very talented musicians in the Toronto area. I am quite excited to have Fergus Marsh coming in to record at the studio. Fergus has an impressive discography which includes:

  • BRUCE COCKBURN: Stealing Fire, World of Wonders, Big Circumstance, Live
  • STEVE BELL: Romantics & Mystics, Live In Concert, Waiting For Aidan
  • BIG FAITH: Grounded, Undertow
  • HUGH MARSH: The Bear Walks, Shaking The Pumpkin
  • GLEN SODERHOLM: By Faint degrees
  • MERYN CADELL: 6 Blocks
  • YODECA: Yodeca
  • MARK HEARD: Dry Bones dance, Satellite Sky
  • MARY-KATHRYN: One Spirit
  • BILLY BATSTONE: A Little Broken Bread

Fergus Marsh is a bass and Chapman Stick player who has contributed to over 50 CDs. His work involves local gigs, television commercials, CDs and touring. He moves fluidly between both the Christian and secular arenas. Most recently he has just finished a tour with Peter Murphy of Bauhaus fame, and a worship CD with Ruth Fazal. Fergus is internationally recognized as one of the best players of the Chapman Stick. Fergus lives in Ontario with his wife Lynn and their son Luke. Fergus will be helping Cliff Cline on his current project. More information about Cliff Cline’s project can be found here.

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