Solid State Logic Control Surface

I have noticed an interesting trend taking shape. More manufacturers are introducing analog + control surface consoles. Digidesign has offered this type of technology for some time now but the high penetration of DAWs into all types of recording venues has increased market demand. I also think that the summing controversy still rages on… more on that topic another day.

Solid State Logic has introduced an $85,000 analog + control surface console for a number of different DAW platforms (e.g., Pro Tools, Nuendo). I could not find any information about the console on the ssl site however I did find a few posts strewn through the usual suspect recording forums. Charles Dye appeared to be the first one out with the information based on a note he received from a Guitar Center rep somewhere in the USofA. Here is the information that I have on the unit:

The AWS 900: An SSL Console

The AWS 900 is a compact SSL console, with all of the audio quality, robustness and advanced ergonomics that this implies. AWS 900 offers no-compromise audio performance, equivalent to SSL’s celebrated XL 9000 K Series mixing console which is a feature of major studios the world over.

The AWS 900 provides:

  • Legendary SSL sound quality
  • Identical SuperAnalogue technology to SSL’s flagship XL 9000 K Series console
  • Greater bandwidth than 192kHz recorders
  • 24 ultra low-noise dual impedance mic amps
  • 24 channels with twin curve SSL E and G Series 4-band parametric equalisation
  • Assignable SSL dynamics sections with gate, expander and compressor/limiter
  • G Series Stereo main mix buss compressor
  • Comprehensive 5.1 monitoring and Bass management
  • Complete tools for running zero latency tracking sessions
  • Highly flexible Cue/FX sends system with EFX reassign
  • Flexible ordering of channel processing
  • Balanced circuitry throughout
  • Metering on all console channels and main outputs

Integral DAW Control

DAW’s provide the power and convenience of recording and editing your audio, but a PC/Mac is not the most intuitive way to access these functions. AWS 900 provides an integrated solution by combining an outstanding console with SSL’s famed control surface ergonomics. The result is the first DAW control interface designed by SSL.

The AWS 900 provides:

  • Direct access to all major DAW mixing, editing and automation parameters
  • Direct control of Plug-In settings
  • Dedicated control CPU to maximise performance
  • Integral colour TFT display with dedicated control keys
  • User-definable controls on every channel
  • High quality motorised faders to write/replay level moves in your DAW
  • Simple switching between console and DAW control layer
  • Full remote control implementation
  • Operation independent of platform and works with ProTools, Nuendo, Logic Audio and many more
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