I started photography when I was in high school. I was one of three photographers that supported the school publications including the annual schoolbook. I used a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera. It was a medium format camera that shot 120 roll film. I also used a Zenit single lens reflex camera. That one shot 35mm film.

Since then, I have been fortunate to have my photography published in newspapers, travel books and magazines. My photography has also been used by numerous artists for album covers, watercolour and oil paintings. A number of recording studios have also used my photography for their marketing materials and for their websites.

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I love shooting with my Leica M10 Rangerfinder. It is the newest addition to my camera gear. I use but one lens with this camera, a Summicron F2.0 35mm.

I also shoot with a Leica D-lux Typ 109.

I have been a Nikon shooter for decades and I currently have three bodies.

The Nikon D800:

The Nikon D750 (most used):

The Nikon D600:


I am usually working with one of the four following lenses from Nikon. Two of the Trinity lenses from Nikon: the 14-24mm f2.8 and the 24-70mm f2.8.

nikon 28s

I also spend a lot of time shooting with the 50mm F1.4 prime. Fast and sharp — even on the D800. If I need to shoot long, which I don’t do very often, then I grab my 70-300mm F4.5 -5.6 VR telephoto. This is a lens that even Thom Hogan recommends. For the money, it is a pretty decent telephoto.

nikon 50plus

I also have a few other lenses including the 24-120mm F4, 35mm F1.8, 28mm F1.8 and 24mm F2.8.


Most of my post-processing work is done in Lightroom. I have a number of presets from VSCO and the full suite of plugins from Nik. Every once in a while I jump out to Photoshop. Both products are now running from Adobe’s Creative Cloud service.




Tripods come from Manfretto, ballheads from Really Right Stuff, camera straps from BlackRapid, memory cards from Sandisk and camera bags from Think Tank Photo

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