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Super-yachts Come and Super-yachts Go

Lurking just beyond the harbourfront? Top Five. Kingston doesn’t usually see that many super-yachts. Top Five is the second one in harbour in as many days. Blue Moon came by a few days earlier. These super-yachts range in price from a low of say roughly fifty million to several hundred million dollars to build. Top […]

Trade Wars

No country wins in a trade war. Few companies win either. Even companies like Moog. They make amazing synthesizers like the System 55 pictured above. They are now asking their customers to write to congress about the negative consequences of tariffs on Moog. Here is the form letter: Dear (Congressman or Representative): I am writing […]


14 days to go before retirement. Last night my management team held a retirement dinner for me. Such a wonderful evening and such a great team. Incredible food at a beautiful location in the country with dear colleagues and friends. So honoured to have been able to serve with this team. The gift was a […]

Am I Ready?

Retirement is just 17 days away now. We have been planning for this moment for a long time. There are other perspectives about the retirement years and it does not look like it’s all Walt Disney World. Some of them make for fun reading. Chuck Underwood, founder of consulting firm The Generational Imperative in Ohio, […]

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day weekend is here. And it is a very warm weekend indeed. Temperatures are in the 30 Celsius range with the humid reaching 40 Celsius or so. In December, we were experiencing colder temperatures than the North Pole. Six months later our weather is warmer than Miami, Florida. I’ve been working on a new […]

Into Thin Air

Garth Turner really does not like Bitcoin. Or any other cryptocurrency for that matter: Bitcoin is done. Kaput. So is Ethereum, Tether, Ripple and all the other kiddie cryptos which people have been mining in their bedrooms and selling on unregulated, undisciplined, unsecure, immature and unstable exchanges. You can read his post here. I was […]

Big Payday for Intel’s CEO

You might recall a little incident with Intel, Meltdown and Spectre. Almost all Intel processors since 1995 were impacted. On the cover of Intel’s Code of Conduct, we find this note from Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich: Intel has consistently been recognized as one of the world’s leading corporate citizens and most ethical companies. I would like […]

Real Guitar

Good thing I brought a hat. We had a beautiful day with a large group of people in one of the main parks in downtown Kingston. The stage was out in full sun which really messed with the tuning on my guitar. Every moment I was not playing, I was tuning. I used my Fractal […]