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Financial Freedom

I worked for this company for about 10 years. The company had achieved a remarkable marketing objective: they branded financial freedom. Known as Freedom 55, London Life successfully brought to market a new way of thinking about financial security planning. Although James MacKinnon, Professor of Econometrics at Queen’s University here in Kingston, had this blunt […]

Boldt Castle

We had a wonderful day yesterday doing something we had never done before despite living in the area for almost ten years. We took a boat over to tour Boldt Castle. Here are a few pictures from our day. First up is a shot of the Power House. Quite the structure for a power generator. […]

Front Row Legend

What’s this? A new custom shop guitar from Fender? From its humble beginnings as a makeshift stage to its now-legendary status as one of the best concert venues in Southern California, the Hollywood Bowl is part of the rich tapestry of Hollywood history. This natural outdoor amphitheater has hosted performances by some of the most […]

The Light Goes On

Gator has added something useful to their guitar cases. A light. It turns on when the case is opened. It turns off when the case is closed. Funny how something like this seems so obvious in a certain context, like opening a car door, and seems so utterly out of context for a guitar case. […]

Gibson Custom Burstdriver

There it is. The Klon Centaur. Revered as the overdrive pedal for a guitarist. There aren’t many of them, fewer than 10,000 were built and they have become collector’s items. One is up for sale in Canada. The asking price? A mere $3,537. If you play guitar and are chasing the holy grail of guitar […]

Tinnitus: Ringing in the Brain

Josef Rauschecker talks about the science behind tinnitus and treatment options. I have been fighting tinnitus for about ten years now. For the most part, I have adapted. There are times when it becomes very pronounced. It can lead to a very negative state of being when that happens. If you suffer from tinnitus, Josef […]

Collings OM1 Julian Lage Edition

I received an email from my good friends at Collings Guitars. They included an update on a new signature model that Bill Collings had worked on until his passing: When Bill Collings first met the brilliant young jazz musician Julian Lage, in 2014, the two began a series of in-depth conversations about their respective crafts. […]