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Higher Wattage

Nothing like spending some time with the Doctor. In this case, a virtual doctor, using Rubber Gloves to check on my progress. I had to go full out for 20 minutes on the bike this morning. And by full out, I do mean full out. At my age, 60 in a few days, my maximum […]

Certificate of Completion

With the Tour of Sufferlandria having finished, I will start my 10-week training plan for the outdoor riding season. Although, with luck, I hope to be back on the roads late March or early April. Two days of recovery before some light spinning tomorrow. Back into harder efforts this weekend.

Bob Wood

My son had passed me a link to a video of Bob Wood playing in a guitar shop somewhere in Nashville. My son knows that I am struggling a little bit with turning 60 and he knows that I am a bit concerned as to how much longer I will be able to play guitar with […]

Stage 9 It Seemed Like Thin Air

That’s it. I finished the 2017 Tour Of Sufferlandria. I’m not sure how, but I finished all 9 stages. Last year’s tour was challenging. This year’s tour? Well, let’s just say that it was one of the hardest things that I have done on a bike in recent memory. Sure, there were probably times when […]

Stage 7 Hell Hath No Fury

Yikes. The pain and suffering just does not let up on this Tour of Sufferlandria. I’ve never done this particular ride before at 100% intensity. I usually dial it back. Not this morning. 100%. My intensity factor was 0.96. What is an intensity factor? It is the ratio of normalized power in a workout against functional […]

Stage 6 There Is No Try

Stage 6 is now done. Only 3 more stages before the Tour is finished. I am confident about tomorrow’s stage. The stages for Saturday and Sunday? Well, I will soon find out if I can get through them at full intensity. I will finish the tour. Of that I have no doubt. Doing the Tour […]

Stage 5 Nine Hammers

I brought the vomit bucket down to my pain cave this morning. Yesterday’s stage was brutal and I had a pretty rough day after I finished the ride. I was worried about this stage. I felt so awful on the bike yesterday. Would it be the same way today? Everest. Across the Sahara. To the […]