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Sold Out

Celebrate Christmas is coming up fast. Two shows this year, one on Thursday and one on Friday. Friday’s event is sold out. We still have a few tickets remaining for Thursday. Wonderful show of support and the team is really looking forward to a great couple of evenings at the Isabel. Here is our stage […]

Retired Life

I was doing some research on retired life and I came across the above image. I guess it represents what an older white male might look like in retirement. I’m thinking it might look more like this. July 2018. Not that far away.

Guitar Center Is Going Down

Not only is Guitar Center the world’s largest musical instrument retailer with roughly 270 locations across the United States, it also holds an impressive amount of debt. From Moody’s latest report on Guitar Center: Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) today downgraded Guitar Center Inc.’s (GCI) ratings. The downgrade and negative outlook reflect Moody’s continued concern regarding […]

Recovery Rides

For the past seven weeks, I have been training indoors. Up at 5:30am. On the bike by 6:00am. Ride for more than an hour. Some days, the rides are really, really hard. Lots of suffering, And then there are recovery rides. Easy spinning. Train hard on the hard days. Take it real easy on the […]

Mike Britt Class Act

  It wasn’t something that he had to do and I wouldn’t have been hurt if he hadn’t taken any action but it is always refreshing to see great customer service. I love working with M Britt profiles and this is just another reason why I have no trouble recommending his profiles. Thanks Mike.

3rd Power Amp Pack for Kemper

I had been waiting for this profile pack from 3rd Power to get released. Ordered it today. Should have some fun playing tonight. More details about the amp pack here. And a video with Michael Britt and Jamie Scott. Michael Britt is the standard for Kemper Profiles.