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KA by Cirque du Soleil

It was our last day in Vegas and we really did not have anything planned. I was a bit restless. I get that way towards the end of a vacation. Not really looking forward to getting back to the cold of a Canadian winter. And, now that retirement is only 18 weeks away, I found […]

Hoover Dam

Somehow we had managed to avoid it. Touring the Hoover Dam. Until this year. Why this time? Not sure. I suppose it felt like a bit of an obligation. Visit Vegas, visit the Hoover Dam. So we did. We booked a Pink Jeep tour with a great travel guide, Dennis. As of August 2017, Lake […]

Fremont Street Experience

And what an experience it was. Such a dramatic contrast between the strip and Fremont street. Here is one of the main roads into Fremont: And on the strip: The covered walking mall experience on Fremont: The indoor mall experience at the Venetian: The shops at Fremont: The shops on the strip: Specialty retailers on […]

Las Vegas Resorts

We spent several days walking up and down the Las Vegas strip. According to Lorraine’s Fitbit, we easily broke 25,000 steps each day. I’ve always found the New York, New York Resort and Casino to be bigger than life. The photo above shows how physically imposing a structure it presents on the strip. That said, […]

Las Vegas

As we spent a week in Vegas, I should probably share a few shots of the strip. I brought my Leica M10 with just one lens, the 35mm Summicron F2.0. I loved shooting with such a minimalist kit. Quite different from shooting with a DSLR. We stayed in the Aria Tower Suites. We were in […]

Death Valley

One of the most unique areas in the world: Death Valley. Aptly named because of the harsh environment. Not so bad in the winter months. We visited in late February and the temperatures stayed below 20 Celsius. Perfect weather to hike and explore the twenty mule team canyon. There is a gravel road and a […]


A brutal flu followed by a wonderful break in the Las Vegas area. Coming back from being offline now. Vegas is surrounded by some amazing landscapes. I took the shot pictured above at the Valley of Fire State Park, a short drive from where we were staying at the Aria Resort and Casino. Here are […]

The Secret to Career Success

A bit of an unlikely source for career advice although no question that John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition, has been exceptionally successful with his chosen path. If there is a formula for the kind of success most people want, even if they don’t know what that looks like yet, it might be something like […]