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The Future of Work

From the Atlantic: This moment we’re in right now—where humans and bots find themselves in an unprecedented admixture—is one more step in the automation of different kinds of human labor. In the quiet, white-collar automation that swept the world in the last quarter of the 20th century, the messiness of human processes required many intermediate […]

50 Years Later

From a recent Washington Post about “2001: A Space Odyssey”: “2001’s” official premiere was at the Uptown theater in Washington’s Cleveland Park neighborhood, with stars and MGM brass in attendance. By intermission, attendees were “streaming out. It was a disaster. No one liked it,” Benson recounts in his book. Wrote one British journalist: “There was not […]

Bill Collings Tribute AT 16

After Bill Collings’ passing last July, we wanted to build an instrument to pay tribute to him and to show the world that we would be continuing on the trail that he’d blazed for us over many years. One of the most rare and coveted instruments we offer is a carved acoustic archtop guitar, which […]

Capsule Wardrobe

I started travelling light back in 2011. Or at least, travelling lighter back in 2011. Lorraine and I were still hauling 40 pounds or so of luggage when we travelled. We eventually found a way to really cut down on our luggage and with numerous trips to Europe, we found our stride and we can […]

It’s Official

Upcoming retirement – Information Technology Richard has announced his plans to retire in the third quarter of this year. Richard joined our company as Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer in 2008. Over the past decade he has ably led our Information Technology division, tackling the myriad of issues that come with the rapid evolution […]


I do a lot of indoor riding. Even now with the weather finally improving after a pretty brutal start to Spring. Weekdays usually see me entering the pain cave around 6:30am for an hour or two. I had been relying almost exclusively on the Sufferfest and Zwift for my virtual rides. I decided to give […]

I Get Mail

On a quiet day, I receive 30 to 40 unsolicited vendor emails in my corporate inbox. Google conveniently puts many of them into my spam folder. I check the spam folder every so often, just in case, and often find interesting chains of emails. This one I call the Ode to Dilip. From: Dilip Sent: […]

On Its Way

I had posted about a recent experience at Jump Plus here which pushed me to use an online retailer to replace my aging iMac. I watched the order as it went through these various stages: Order Placed:Your order has been placed. We’ve received your order and payment information. Though you can’t make changes to your […]