About Richard

Who Is This Guy?

This page shall attempt to answer all of your questions about the person behind the blog. And, for many of you who write me, yes, I am that Richard Cleaver.

During my life, I have played many roles: student, teacher, musician, audio engineer, software engineer, business executive. The roles I treasure most? Disciple, husband, father.

The Early Years
I began life in 1957. I was born in Lachine, Quebec. We moved around a fair amount as a family. I attended a number of schools in West Island Montreal as we moved from Lachine to Dorval and then to Baie d’Urfe. I also spent some time living in England: Wombourne and Folkestone.

I married Lorraine in 1979. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. We lived in Toronto for a number of years as I tried to get established as a musician and audio engineer and then, as we pondered the opportunity to open up a commercial recording studio, I made the decision to go to university. I completed an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in computer science.

We moved to London, Ontario in 1980 and we lived there for about 18 years. I was a college professor for a number of years and then I went into the corporate world with a large insurance company. I never lost the passion for recording and I set up my first project studio, called Whisperwood Studios, in our home. I remain very active in the audio engineering world and I have been fortunate to work with a number of outstanding musicians in some of the best recording studios in the world.

Around 1999, mergers and consolidation in the insurance industry caught up with me. And we moved back to a community just north of Toronto where I worked as an executive with a large Canadian bank. We built a new version of Whisperwood Studios and we lived there until I retired in 2008.

Retirement did not last very long. One week and I was back working for a mid-sized insurance company in Kingston, Ontario as a senior executive and chief information officer. We bought a beautiful home on six acres just northwest of Kingston. And we are really enjoying our new life here.

We have always been very involved in our faith and we have served in a number of churches over the years. I am also a father to three wonderful children. They have grown well and they are my pride and joy.

I have a number of passions in life, some might say too many, but I have always had an incessant desire to learn and to explore. And so you will find my blog covers a lot of ground: technology, recording, music, photography, business, science, family, faith, leadership.

I started the blog in early 2004 as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. Since then, the blog has received well over 2,000,000 visitors with about 20,000 or so regular visitors dropping by each month.

So. There you have it. A bit about me in a nutshell. I always welcome hearing from friends and readers so please feel free to send me an email.




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