Celebrate Christmas

2013-12-07 Celebrate Christmas-0225-2

The fifth annual Celebrate Christmas event was held on December 7, 2013 here in Kingston. We had an amazing evening.

We broke the sets up into rock, jazz, acoustic themes. The above picture was our acoustic set. Below was our rock set.

2013-12-07 Celebrate Christmas-0572

I was on several guitars during the evening.

Rock. Fender Custom Shop Strat through a 57 Deluxe.


Jazz. Ibanez AS155 through a 64 Deluxe Reverb. Funny, it looks like I play the jazz guitar almost the exact same way as rock.


And acoustic. A beautiful Collings D2H. What a sound from that guitar.


I was battling some pretty severe back pain during the concert. And a pinched nerve travelled down my upper right side. A numb, tingling sensation in my arm and hand coupled with a sharp biting pain in my back made things a bit unpleasant.

I think it was our best year so far. A great team and a wonderful time to celebrate Christmas.


  1. says

    Hi Richard,

    Congratulations to you and the team on another successful “Celebrate Christmas”. Looks like it was fantastic! God’s continued blessing and inspiration as you serve Him.


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