February 10, 2012

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What we regret most and why. The academic version here. Not too surprised about the regrets some folks might have with respect to career. Although there are some terrific careers and employers, there are also some not so great careers and employers.

Interesting that education tops the list of regrets.

I do not look back at my life with any major regrets — for the most part I have enjoyed a wonderful life — but I do ponder the what-ifs. What if my father hadn’t died when I was young? What if we had stayed in England? Those two what-ifs alone would have profoundly changed the direction of my life. But those things did not happen.

There are other key events and decisions that I made in life which led to certain outcomes. And it is interesting to speculate on how life might have turned out if those key events and decisions had been different. But life has been really good and looking back brings great memories.

Looking forward brings hope and optimism for the future.

And being grateful for today keeps me grounded on this strange and wonderful gift of life.

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